Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Unexplained Desk-overy

Remember those days when you wake up, and the first thing that you could think of is what you desk looks like on camera? 

I had that.

So, in the spirit of frivolity and utter, mind-numbing, bordering-on-suicidal boredom, I present to you, my desk.

I think this photo perfectly encapsulates who I am. Lets dissect this photo, item by item, in microscopic detail, shall we?

1. A two-day old, unread and un-flipped-through copy of the Irish Times that I keep on my desk, just to show people (my parents, especially) that I can be quite capable of pretending to be high-brow and educated.

2. A three year old, massive, boulder of an iPod that I only ever use when I like to re-listen to Duffy's song "Mercy". After that, I re-listen, and re-listen, and re-listen...

3. An old copy of Reader's Digest, existing from before the Berlin Wall fell, which I actually read for its jokes, some of which I don't even get. And the vocabulary bit is nice as well (where did you think I learned the word "frivolity"?)

4. A lil' notepad plus a pen - how else could I jot down my earth-shakingly profound Buddhist-like philosophies? Or my shopping list?

5. My passport, which often-times I leave embarrassingly open, so people (my parents, especially) could see how little it has been used and/or abused.

6. Driver's Theory Book of Completely Inane, Which Light Comes After A Flashing Amber Light, Questions. (Answer: green only)

You know how Morrie in Tuesdays With Morrie said something philosophical, to the effect of, living each day fully - as if it's your last? Good luck with that.

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