Saturday, June 21, 2008

Puns Are The New Black


I say this because the shopping centre was so mundane and non-extraordinary that I had enough time to write two posts in a day.

Earlier I had said that shopping (window or otherwise) in Grafton Street (or otherwise) was not possible because of the hellish weather. I had no other choice but to go and check out the shopping centre in Blandchardstown. On a side note, I would just like to say that the weather report on the Irish Times is completely inaccurate. I did not read the text that accompanied it, of course, but from the picture of a sun shining brightly and surely, I was guaranteed a sunny sunny day. I got stormy stormy instead.

Kate absolutely adored the place. And I respect her (poorly defined) reasons.

To me, almost every shop in there was an amateur-ish version of its flagship in the city. Zum Beispiel, the Topman store was twice as small and thrice as crowded as its flagship. Zara looked like a complete mess. Topshop... well, I have nothing. H&M was packed like a bus stop on a rainy day. In fact, all of the shops were packed. That's the other thing that I disliked about the place - overcrowding. Calcutta-esque. 

Perhaps it was because of the pouring rain outside, or the low low prices inside that drove people to it in millions. I felt that it was too stuffy and claustrophobic, despite its dinosaur-like size.

WAIT!!!!............. I think its more the weather in Blanchardstown (and in the whole of Ireland, for that matter) that I hated. 

*Epiphany*... a ray of heavenly light upon my erratic and overly-brash head...

The stores may be crowded and small, but they're not THAT bad. Topman may have been small and crowded, but their pretty 2 for 15 euro shirts and the eye candies behind the counter more than made up for its diminutive size. In retrospect, Zara wasn't too bad. H&M either.

So scratch the opening pun and chunk it into a bin somewhere (do not litter). I take all of it back. Sitting in front of my grossly out-dated iMac, I realise that the shopping centre, as a whole, wasn't too bad. It wasn't Dublin 2, but it was a pretty OK alternative. Plus the parking was free.

However, there is one sentiment that I won't take back. Puns REALLY are back.

Posts such as these absolutely justify my name.

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