Monday, July 28, 2008


My friend Kate absolutely could NOT believe that I have NOT seen Footloose until it was shown on TV last night. Evidently, EVERYBODY had seen it. 

I have NOT heard of it until I flicked through the channel guide thing and happen to accidently switch to that channel. Anyway, now that I've slept on it, I realise what all the strum & drang was all about.

However, it wasn't just the addictive and heady music that clung to me. The film also made me think about the past in general - my past, anyway. It all came flying back to me, one overall at a time. Now, I was not born in the 80s (I'm only 17 after all), but I assumed that the 90s were sort of, not really, similar to the decade before it, in that the fashion of those times are very much eyebrow raising to modern viewers such as myself. 

When I was young overalls were de-rigeur and now, flipping through the dusty and antiquated photo albums that were banished into some corner of the attic, I realised that they might be the most hideous thing ever made by the hands of man. My only excuse for wearing them, and the one which I defend myself with, each and every time, was my youth and my innocence. I was not old enough to figure out what looks good and what looks like a drab costume from the set of To Kill A Mockingbird.

Even though the idea of overalls is nauseating, seeing myself in them, I personally think that I don't look that bad. I have a theory that the only people that can truly get away with anything are, not the Paris Voguettes, not Cate Blanchette, but the toddlers. Anything seems to look sweet and adorable on them.

I have long lost that Midas touch. I will be stuck posing eternally in front of the mirror, analysing what I have on, each and every time I go out. 

It seems shallow because it is. And I am. 

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